January 31, 2010

A New Star in the Galaxy from District 3060

My friend, Rotarian Ruchir Jani, was elected "Rotarian of the Year" from District 3060 in Gurajat , India, today. Ruchir is a founding member of Rotary Vapi - Riverside. We were very lucky to Ruchir as our coordinator and he excelled at fielding all our questions and schedule changes, in addition to his responsibilities for the conference. We are forever indebted to Ruchir for his grace, thoroughness, and his friendship, in particular.

1 comment:

  1. Apart from sharing membership of RC Vapi Riverside, I'm known to Ruchir as family freind. He is an amazing person & his commitment to Rotary is exemplary. It was undoubted for him being crowned as best Rotarian for RI Dit. 3060 and more accoload's will be seen in coming years. 3 cheers to Ruchir.........
    I'm sure his guest Blake will agree to me